Audio should be fun!

Sparkler Audio was born out of the desire to offer high quality audio products at reasonable prices without compromising the sound quality.

Kazutoshi Tsukahara, CEO and Sparkler Audio chief designer has worked for 12 years as firmware designer for development of CD, Super Audio CD (SA-CD) and DVD equipment at Sony's Tokyo Technology Center.

Passionate about good sound quality and avid short wave radio enthusiast, he could not agree with prospects of artificial sound of various digital formats we are witnessing today. He knew that even digital could be designed and implemented to sound good and natural. Master of electronics with strong influence of Japanese design masters like Junji Kimura, Hideya Masutani, Noboru Tominari and few others, Tsukahara san is devoted to designing no-nonsense products that will satisfy music connoisseurs all over the world.

Sparkler Audio products are pure in design and easy to operate. Designed, developed in Japan, each Sparker Audio is a unique, hand-made product. We truly believe that when you purchase our audio system, you will not only get a product, but thousands of joyful moments.

We believe that homogeneity is crucial to reach a good reproduction quality. The challenge is not in the selection of components of the same brand/philosophy, but in the setup of an integrated audio system. Sparkler Audio helps you build such a system by offering a limited number of products from sources to amplifiers and loudspeakers, for the experience all the lovers of music look for.

Should you have any questions or want to listen to our products, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.