Sparkler Audio model S503 "spiral" ― CD Player/Transport


Compact size integrated High End CD Player utilizing non-oversampling D/A converter. Detailed research into low noise power supply has led to the paramount improvement in sound quality compared to similar products. S503 can also be utilized as a high-end CD transport with two digital coaxial outputs (S/PDIF) for complete dual monaural system. With unified electronics topology, S503u can be connected seamlessly to both the current-mode amplifiers as well as to the conventional voltage-mode amplifiers.


  • S503t CD transport without DAC
  • S503u (unified voltage/current mode): Line Output: RCA
  • Digital Outputs: 2 x S/PDIF (coaxial)
  • DAC: Philips TDA1543 16 bit non-oversampling DAC
  • Size: W300xH56xD200mm
  • Weight: 2.5kg